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Dormitory Service

Does IKEV has a dorm? Does IKEV provide dorm opportunity? 

İKEV has a dorm faciity in the foundation center, but these facilities are rented to porfessional Dormitories in order to generate for fund for our scholars. Dormitories are run by private companies and and managed by tenants. In case of any student willing to buy dorm service from these dormitories, they can have the contact information from our Foundation. 

What are facitilies of dorms?

  • Libraray
  • Private Desks in Rooms to Study
  • Room Cleaning
  • 24 h Internet 
  • Mini Fridge for Rooms
  • Free Loundry Machine
  •  Breakfast and Dinner
  • 7/24 Security
  • Study Rooms
  • Good location near to Subway and Metrobus in walking distance. 

Is there a possbilityt to benefit from IKEV Dorms for free?

IKEV has limited number of quota in dorm. Applicants sho has applied KVK and got a refusal and who are in deep need of a dorm and without sufficient financial capabilites can apply for dorm service. Application does not mean to be acccepted.