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Student Scholarships


What are the main critearias for application to IKEV scholarship?

Applicants must be from Karaman. In case they are not born in Karaman their parents must be. 
Applicants with a reasonable good financial income from parents will be eliminated. 
Applicant must be a student in İstanbul either as university, master or high school. 
There must not be any other applicant's sibligns having scholarship from our foundation. In case, the second siblings scholarship grant will be decided by Board of Directors. 
In the case that applicant stuides in piad university, she must have full scholarship from the university. 



İstanbul Karamanlılar Eğitim, Kültür ve Sosyal Dayanışma Vakfına burs başvurusu nasıl yapılır? How can the applicants apply to schloarship from IKEV?


The applicants will follow the steps below;

Application form must be prepared fully with all necessary and correct information. 
Along with the form applicants must prepare all necessary supporting documents. They must hand in the documents to IKEV. To hand in the documents, they can;

- Either hand to our Karaman Office
- Hand to IKEV Foundation Center in Istanbul
- Send by cargo to IKEV

* When documents are well received fully, the applicant will be called for an interview. After the interview, the grant of scholarship will be decided by Student Committe and Board of Directors.
The desicions will be announced to the applicant. 
 Applicants with approved application must sign our letter of commitment. 

What are the supporting documents?

Applicants can have the list of supporting documents by calling and e-mailing our foundation. 


Handing the documents does mean a grant of schloarship. Foundation will search the financial capabilities of the applciant annd will decide after the interview.